Offshore equipment

We design and install fit for purpose equipment for diverse type of installations, all in compliance with international regulations and standards like ABS, Bureau Veritas and DNV/GL. For the wind industry for example, we can deliver a full package for different type of vessels with cranes and compensated offshore gangways at any request. Our range of special equipment include a various range of steel constructions with drive- and compensated systems.


Offshore gangways

Our active motion compensated gangways are the preferred way for safe personnel and goods transfer from and to an installation, both in the wind and the oil & gas industry

Offshore gangway systems - main features

    • Full motion active compensation
    • Connection to offshore installation by means of:
      • Landing cone
      • Bumper
    •  Active bumper:
      • Feedback from earth fixed reference
      • Increasing accuracy
    • Motion compensated offshore lifts with crane attachment
    • X-Wing foundation to maximize deck space
    • Certified by DNV-GL-ST-0358
    • Redundant power packs / operating system if required

Special equipment

Besides the different types of offshore cranes and gangways, Skylight Inc can also deliver other stand alone or integrated systems which are designed and manufactured by us from concept to delivery. See some of the possibilities and references below, for other equipment and inquiries please contact our sales department Link.

EBOP Gantry Crane

On new generation drilling rigs, heavy weight blow-out preventer units (BOP) are used. We can design an deliver BOP cranes which can be used for horizontal and vertical transport of the BOP handling systems on the rigs.

A&R winches

Skylight Inc. can design winches to abandon or recover a pipe on the seabed. Increased water depths require increased top tension, more tension capacity and larger cable lengths. Our winches are heave compensated, can lift upto 300t and 3 km depth.

surge damper

In order to reduce the surge of an FSO (backward and forward motion) during a storm, we can deliver surge damper systems for FPSO’s to reduce pression and swinging motion of the yoke system. We built this system for example for one of Bluewater Energy Services FPSO.


Skylight Inc. ’engineering department specializes in the design and modification of offshore hoisting and lifting equipment. With our keen eye for market developments and focus on innovation, the team of experiences engineers are a trusted partner for several parties in the offshore oil, gas and renewables industries.


Based on our background in the aforementioned industries, we have a high level of expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Concept and design engineering
  • Mechanical and structural engineering
  • Hydraulic and electrical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Simulations
  • FEM studies
  • Control engineering

Because we house all of these disciplines under one roof, we are highly flexible in engineering and consider this an advantage over other engineering organizations.

Our high level of experience and broad range of specializations enable us to perform exceptional engineering in the following offshore areas:

  • Offshore wind
  • Offshore oil and gas (including decommissioning)
  • Deepsea mining
  • Offshore support (including cable- and pipe laying)
  • RoRo
  • Overhauls (in cooperation with Skylight Inc Crane Services)